Interviewing The Minimalists

two guys become the world's greatest minimalists

The Minimalists are two guys who recently set out to change their lives. Read more of their story here.

1. Who are you?

We would love to joking respond with a pithy philosophical platitude, but we'll resist. The honest answer is we are a couple of guys who want to help people live a more meaningful life, a life that's filled with happiness, passion, and freedom.

2. In the most succinct way possible, tell me - what does everyone reading this need to do right now?


Owning things is just caching the world

small rodent scurrying from his home

In a computer, caches are everywhere. A cache helps speed things up by temporarily holding onto something you'd normally go out in the world to find.

For example, when you first visit a web page, your browser downloads all the images and text and fonts and colors that are on that page. But if the browser thinks that you might be coming back to that page soon, it caches some of those images, so that next time you go to the page, it doesn't have to re-download them. Instead, it can just pull them out of its cache, and save a lot of time.

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