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How I use Twitter (plus Hinduism and Judaism explained)

micah becomes a divergent twitter-entity precipitating the singularity

If you follow me, you may notice that I use a multiplicity of Twitter accounts. Let me explain why I do this.

In the beginning...


How to use Instagram, and not live to regret it

the winding roads leading away from home

Instagram is a magic little app that transforms your photos into blasts of retro-sugary goodness, and makes them incredibly easy to share with your friends. Instagram is also thousands of lifetimes of regret waiting to rain down upon the heads of millions of users.


How to use Dropbox to untether your soul

image of a poppy against a blue blue sky

If you use a computer for more than checking email and facebook, you've got an issue: files. Files include everything from notes to photos to your school thesis. Some of these wouldn't bother you too much if they disappeared. Others would probably break your heart. Maybe your digital photos of your sisters wedding. Maybe your much-anticipated memoirs.

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