Walking Upside Down on Sea Ice -- Underwater

The highest skydive in history

Joseph Kittinger is our new hero, even though this event took place about 5 decades ago. He holds the world record for the highest skydive in history, and he also holds the record for the fastest a human has ever traveled without propulsion. In August of 1960, he rode a ballon into the outer atmosphere, approximately 102,800 ft above sea level, where the atmosphere is so thin it almost isn't even there. The bitterly cold temperatures he endured were unimaginable, getting as low as -90° F.

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A murmuration

People are awesome 2011

Watch this. People catch baseballs from midair, go polar diving, plummet off tall things, and perform amazing feats of skill. The music's not bad either.


Vancouver Riot Documentary

A fascinating video from inside the riot.


City Limits on the Vast Expanse

We never realize just how vast is the expanse of humanity, and of the world we've created. Our history books tell us stories of small men and small deeds, and make us think and feel that those events are the significant moments of history, the turning points and hinges of our lives.


The Heart-Achingly Beautiful Earth

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

The heart-achingly beautiful earth, via @unryan.


Experience Human Flight

The Deepest Dive in History -687.7 ft (-209.6 m)

Humans Hunting Under Water


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