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How we're flying around the world

around the world in 30 days

Josiah just posted some of the details about how he and I booked a 16-stop, around the world trip, for about $400. The trip is booked for May of next year, and lasts about a month.

A lot of people would focus on the monetary aspect of this, how we were able to work the system to get cheap flights and so forth. But a bigger point for us was that this trip would not focus on Europe, but on some of the more interesting, less first-world-centric parts of the planet.


I am a complex individual (How I'm writing now)

I am a complex individual. We are all complex individuals.

For the past few months, I've been writing in the shadows, trying to figure out how to do justice to my thoughts and thought-processes, without traumatizing anyone. My primary tool for this has been my email list, which I started for the express purpose of putting out into the world my bizarre and unfitting thoughts. And I've let my websites lie untouched.


Choose Your Instrument! (John Mayer, Twitter, and the Battle for Your Soul)

It crystallized when I read this article about a talk by John Mayer: John Mayer at Berklee.

In it he talks about becoming big on twitter, and why he eventually quit it entirely.

Maybe I think he's right because I resonate so deeply with the rest of what he says. Or maybe because I've noticed myself that his experience is true.


Living in a teepee with satellite internet...

inside the teepee at night, the light glows

I get in these moods. You know… the mood where you just want to cut all ties with society, give all your worldly belongings to Goodwill, chuck your phone off a cliff, and head off into the mountains to live off the land. Preferably in the nude.

C’mon, anybody been there?

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