I am a complex individual (How I'm writing now)

I am a complex individual. We are all complex individuals.

For the past few months, I've been writing in the shadows, trying to figure out how to do justice to my thoughts and thought-processes, without traumatizing anyone. My primary tool for this has been my email list, which I started for the express purpose of putting out into the world my bizarre and unfitting thoughts. And I've let my websites lie untouched.

But I think I'm emerging from my self-imposed time out. I've begun to feel the need to explore some very niche ideas, and as I've begun to do so, I've found it incredibly rewarding. Some concepts I haven't talked about in the last decade are re-surfacing. I find these very important, but I know they're not for everybody. And sometimes they're way too technical or eccentric to be worth the investment for most people.

So here's how I'm dealing with it.

Eminent Human continues to be what it is - a place to explore the glory of being human. If I don't post here for another six months, that's fine with me. I'm proud of the content we've got here, and want it to remain accessible to others. On the other hand, I could easily blast out another six posts here tomorrow. No telling. :)

Meanwhile, I have overhauled my personal site. There, I will write whatever the heck I feel like writing about. But these are my main areas of interest right now:

  • Theology - I've returned to writing about the scriptures and religion. This isn't for the faint of heart - I'm not writing conventional religious stuff here. I'm pursuing what many would consider a radically unorthodox understanding. Here's a glimpse of it. If you enjoy that sort of thing - whether you're religious or not - you can follow those posts here.
  • The Singularity - I've begun interfacing with a broad range of individuals about the coming acceleration of change, and what that means for us. If you're interested in following that discussion (or joining a real life singularity meet up in Nashville), follow those posts here.
  • Humanity - This is my core. It's what led me to start this site, start a band, tour the world, and go skinny-dipping in the woods. It's what impels me towards Kansas over and over again. I want to drink in the human experience in all its glory, and write the stuff that spills on the ground. A recent example is here.

To follow those kind of things, (and not my other too-in-depth delvings), you can go directly here, and never even have to know about my other interests. ;)